Ivan Dubiaga

Ivan Dubiaga is an artist and musician who made himself in the cultural vacuum of two K (Chisinau and Krasnodar), where he lived in the most crucial years of personal formation. Dubiaga got his handwriting, which makes it possible to distinguish it against the background of the general flow of artists at once, without the slightest chance of being confused with anyone.

According to Ivan, painting and drawing are the most direct modes of expression, transmitting the content of consciousness right away for a review. The pictures are made up of hyper- inscribed notations of objects read in signs. And there is nothing common between Ivan’s art and banal reference to children's drawings, because «lowering the resolution», the reduction of details here are important for maximum coverage of the existential. Working with the maximally purified visual language, Ivan saves time, trying to work quickly and do not stretch the process, as it is important for the artist to keep the feeling clean, like running water.