The old world order is dying. A new one is born. Cleanse the world of utilitarian and commercial culture! Cleanse the world of dead art, imitation and artificial art!

We protest against the lack of spirituality of the consumer society, the depersonalization of mass culture, the unification of the human person. Only a culture based on the observance of moral and ethical norms is a condition for the existence of a true personality.

We oppose utilitarianism as the meaning of human existence. Not the function of the environment or object, but how the enviroment is perceived by the person, that's what's important.



The culture industry ensures the existence of capitalism, creates the illusion of freedom, allows to manipulate the consciousness of the individual and engenders the degradation of society.

The goal of the cultural industry is profit, which is due to the paralysis of the ability  of the consumer to fantasize. But real art should not lose its social function in order not to become mass.

We need to react to mass culture with the development of an antibody- an artifact of the "new art".



It is important for us to show a live artistic process and explore the language of a new generation of authors, present to the viewer that art that is relevant now and, possibly, will become classic in the future.