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Natasha Steynert

The main areas of work - street art, traditional and digital graphics, installations. Participant of modern art exhibitions ("Workshop` 17. Where no one dreams about dreams: from sacred geography to not-place ", Moscow, 2017," Food as a social machine ", NCCA, Samara, etc.)

At the Forma  festival in 2018, two projects will be presented: the first, "Easter eggs", will be associated with the aesthetics of classical computer games. In many games, an attentive player can find so-called "Easter eggs" - bonuses, unique items or references to other subjects hidden in hard-to-reach places. And in old games, elements of virtual reality that the player could interact with (including savepoints) could be marked with special icons - the player had to touch them to pick up the item or "save". Similar icons will appear in the festival space, becoming a kind of quest. However, these same references to the virtual space will have to ask the viewer the question: whether our life is like a game, whether we are able to instantly restore health, improve intelligence or "persist" - what role would we play in this reality?

The second project, "Manifestation", will be performed in the aesthetics of the banners to which contemporary artists in recent years have turned particularly willingly and often. Classical transparency is a complete thought, a resolute statement and a bold slogan, but now doubts are a feeling that occurs more often than confidence, determination and courage. It is these "vague" slogans that will appear on the banner in the festival space.