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Imitation of
the dramatic machine 2.0

Mono-performance by Pavel Semchenko
AHE Theater, Saint Petersburg

Pavel Semchenko (PHE) from the legendary Engineering theater AHE is a nonverbal, object theater of the artist, where images-feelings, are transmitted through the actions of the actor-conductor, the things surrounding him and elements of the elements: water, air, metal.


As in other AHE performances, the play has no literary basis, but a starting point: the public loneliness of homo ludens experienced by the actor on stage. A few glass bottles, thin twigs, a stick, a rope, a fresh cucumber, and a fiery trombone: elements of an art installation and pantomime in a complex game with space. The play was played in Moscow only once.
This year, it was updated to version 2.0 and it is far from the final one - each new space shows new facets and transforms the performance.
AHE strive to make as expressive as possible all the components of the performance — light, color, sound, rhythm, makeup, plastic, painting, cinema, plus a lot of things and substances that fall into their hands. In 2003, they became the winners of the "Golden Mask" in the "Innovation" category. Winners of the Edinburgh Festival Awards and the Grand Prix of the French Mimos Theatre Festival.
The Engineering Theater "AHE" is a legendary creative group organized in St. Petersburg in 1989 by artists Pavel Semchenko and Maxim Isaev. A special feature of the group was the use of many technical techniques and primary elements: fire, water, metal and electricity.