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Individuals and atomic propositions

director Vsevolod Lisovsky

Performance from Kazan, Creative Laboratory "Corner»

Lisovsky's "Individuals" is one of the main discoveries of recent years. This performance is about the unknowability of the world, which can not be taken either by mathematical formulas or by humanitarian digging in the meanings. This trick is done not only with the content of the production, but also with the form itself."


Director Vsevolod Lisovsky about the play: "The world of numbers is a projection of our physical world. But on the other hand, since Plato, we have felt ourselves to be projections of the "true reality" of the reality of ideas. And what could be more perfect and abstract than numbers? We are lost in the proverbial cave and do not understand where the fire is, and where is the original body, the shadow of which we observe. But the good news is that it is in our lack of understanding that hope lives. I would like to understand what exactly."

An experiment with the boundaries of the audience's perception, based on a mathematical treatise — a performance in two dimensions "Individuals and atomic sentences". The Moscow tour of the Kazan project of Vsevolod Lisovsky is presented by the creative laboratory "Angle "(Kazan), the independent association" Transformer " and the Form Lab.
One of the most amazing Russian performances of recent years, according to Afisha, was recommended by Esquire and Buro 24/7 for mandatory viewing; it was shown in Moscow at the Golden Mask, and received positive reviews from the country's leading theater critics.

Alexey Kiselev, editor-in-chief of the project "I'm in the Theater", expert of the "Golden Mask" and curator of the theater program of the festival "Form": "Vsevolod Lisovsky is the founder of the experimental theater "Transformer". He came from the Rostov movement of the eighties "Art or Death", then a TV producer, and in the last few years — a conceptual director. His "Individuals and Atomic Propositions" are, among other things, beautiful in that they are almost impossible to see, but they can be viewed. You'll only understand it once you get to it."