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Sergey Pakhom. 6 evenings

Pahom arranges a punk liturgy.
Meaningful, like the poetry
of the Dadaists, and violent, like a paratrooper on the Day of the Airborne Forces

Some call him a "cult character", others - "buffoon" and "social phenomenon".

At times, Pakhom's stream of consciousness turns into elegant conversations or music, sometimes into a cheerful and furious paradox-provocation, but most often his performances can be described as a pamphlet on the triumph of the vile ideal of universal benefit and the shameful prose of life.


As part of the FORMA festival in 2019, our FORMA LAB laboratory will be shown.

On April 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, on the stage of the Mosconcert, we present to you Sergey Pakhom — a famous Russian showman, underground actor, avant-garde musician, shocking artist and host of the show "Battle of Psychics". He will hold six different performance evenings.