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Renate Keerd. RUN

Director and choreographer: Renate Keerd

Gerda-Anette Allikas / Gerda-Anette Allikas
Liisa Tetsmann / Liisa Tetsmann
Taavi Rei / Taavi Rei
Renate Keerd-choreographer, founder of the dance company Kompanii Nii, which in recent years was based in Tartu. Wordless performances of " Nii " — collages of everyday absurdity, parodies of modern pop culture, relationships of lovers and friends. Her performances are a sentimental journey into naive children's surrealism, very much like a circus, where clowns also do the most stupid things in order to reveal the most important things to the viewer at the end.


Three long-haired people on an empty stage experience a series of transformations according to all the laws of pure theater. Without words. They seem to be exhausting themselves with the desire for transformation. In addition to long hair, the ukulele, a triangle and a small drum are used, On the one hand, there is no plot as such in this performance. On the other hand, for twenty minutes of stage time, it easily accommodates dozens of global stories about modern society, childhood, or world history, which inevitably form in the viewer's head (laughing non — stop) from paradoxical associations. The performance was created specifically for the festival of alternative contemporary art "FORM" in July 2018 with the participation of the Ministry of Culture of Estonia.